COPPA Policy

In order to comply with the Children’s Online Protection Privacy Act, GYMNASTICS LANE has a policy on how we deal with information relating to minors.

GYMNASTICS LANE has a diverse user base, with some readers that may be under 13. We may ask for your email address without prior consent from your parents:

  • In order to allow one-time communication with a person, after which time the email address will be deleted.
  • To protect your safety while participating in the site.
  • To protect the security or liability of the site or in response to law enforcement.

Before asking for any other information, or asking for your email address for any other reason, we ask that you have confirmed permission with your parents. If we are in any doubt over the validity of this permission, it may be confirmed by asking for a:

  • Signed form, via mail
  • Telephone confirmation
  • Digital signature

Giving your email address may be essential to contact you for some contests or to communicate between staff and users. However, generally, an email address or any other form of contact information is not needed to access the site. We highly recommend that you do not give away your identity: this may include:

  • Not giving out your name (by using a “screen name”, dissimilar to your actual name), email address, address, phone number or any identifiable information in GYMNASTICS LANE comments form. These areas are open to the public and we have no way of verifying the identification of users.
  • Never agreeing to meet anyone you meet via GYMNASTICS LANE or any website suggested by GYMNASTICS LANE without seekingĀ permissionĀ from your parents/guardians and being accompanied by a responsible adult.

GYMNASTICS LANE does not gather any information from you via cookies, except a non-identifiable cookie in order to adjust the effectiveness of our site. However, our advertisers may use cookies: please click here for more information and to opt out.

If you are a parent or guardian and wish for any information about your child to be disclosed to you or removed from GYMNASTICS LANE, please contact any member of staff via the Feedback Form.

This policy is intended to protect children while using GYMNASTICS LANE, while still allowing them to participate as much as possible. Any information collected from any person will not be more than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity as a condition of participation. No information collected will be disclosed to third parties, unless approved by us: if so, this will be clearly mentioned (e.g. partners in competions, etc.).
This policy applies if you are 13 or under. Any user found to be falsely claiming to be an age that they are not (either older or younger than their real age), if disclosed, may be banned from further participation and your activity may be reported to your ISP or a relevant law authority, who may take further action at their discretion, if they deem it appropriate.